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So, after realising that I was running low on various skincare products: face masks, serums, and the like, as always, I proceeded to visit my favourite online store for (mainly Japanese) cosmetics. I live in the UK so the only way I'm able to access Asian brands is via the Internet. I did visit Hong Kong several months ago, but I was there for such a short period of time, I had no time to replenish any of the products I use.

The website is: 
For those of you that are unfamiliar with this site, they stock and sell skincare products, bodycare products and makeup from a plethora of Japanese brands. Although I'm uncertain as to whether these brands are sold at a cheaper price elsewhere online, I shop at adambeauty because they charge only US$2 for delivery, regardless of how much you purchase. I would also recommend this site because even though they are shipping internationally, delivery is always prompt, and any queries I may have have are answered in under 24 hours. I've been a regular customer with adambeauty for around 2 years now, and have had absolutely no problems. The only downside I might add is that their website isn't the most user friendly online store I've seen, it's not exactly a joy to navigate, particularly if your aim is just to browse, but that's easily overcome if you know which brands you're targeting.

Anyway, back to my predicament. As always, I have the links to the products I frequently use saved on my mac, after some effortless copy and pasting into the address bar, products added to basket, couple of clicks, PayPal, done! Pas de problème!

3 weeks later, I thought it unusual that I hadn't received my package yet. So, after (thoroughly) checking the emailed invoice, I realised that my default address saved on PayPal was the address I had moved out of last summer T___T" I never check the emailed receipt, and this will clearly always be to my detriment. If I had bothered to check the invoice as soon as I placed my order, I would've been able to rectify the mistake I'd made. Anyway, I used to live in halls of accomodation in central London, so my only concern is either that, whoever currently lives in my room has taken/claimed my package, or, that reception have already disposed of/sent it back cause no one had claimed it. I guess I'll find out this tomorrow...

What are your favourite websites/places to shop for Asian cosmetics? 

With love~



  1. Hi, did you have to pay for custom tax once the parcel Arrived in uk?

    1. No I didn't! I've never had to with Adambeauty, and I shop with them quite frequently~

    2. Thanks for your reply also are the products genuine and not fakes?

    3. I don't think I've ever received fake products from them! I've purchased asian skin care directly from shops in HK and have compared them to those I get from Adambeauty, and don't see any difference. I'm not sure how to officially verify genuine products though...

  2. Hi! Have you tried KoKo Korean Kosmetics and Pretty and Cute? :)


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