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As well as shopping on Adambeauty for cosmetics (see post here), I also visit BeautyBay for, well, literally what it says on the tin, beauty products and skincare. This time, just to replace a pair of tweezers and to top up on a product I enjoy using.

What's great about BeautyBay is that they provide free international delivery! It's so difficult to find places that ship for free these days, but BeautyBay is one of them, and the products they sell, (after some research and price comparison on my part), are cheaper than other online beauty stores and Ebay. (Please keep in mind though, that because I live in the UK products usually need to be shipped to me internationally, so I have to take into account delivery expenses.)

BeautyBay's simple and sweet packaging
Moving on to the products I purchased. 

1. Tweezerman Mini Slant Tweezer:  

I have this horrendous habit of losing my tweezers, and this happens to be the 3rd Tweezerman I've purchased. The first 2 pairs of tweezers I bought in store at Boots for £12.50 each and after I lost the second pair, I decided to see if I could find them for cheaper online. BeautyBay is currently selling this particular pair for £9.48, discounted from £12, that's over £3 cheaper compared to Boots.

Anyway, I love using the travel-sized, mini slant compared to the full sized slant tweezer, because it's perfect for carrying around (the very reason I lose all my tweezers), and if you're always on the go. It even comes with this transparent tube to store your tweezers hygienically.  

There's a reason why Tweezerman wins awards, (obviously not for their original brand name xD ), but for the precision their tweezers offer. I've used various pairs of tweezers in the past, but this pair provides the most precision and grip. Badly crafted tweezers often refuse to grip the hair you mean to pluck, but this pair grabs onto the finest of hairs and is able to keep it in its grip until you pull it out.

And how cute is this mint green colour? 

Overall Rating 4/5 ✭✭✭✭

2. Mario Badescu Drying Lotion 1oz

Quick description - this product is formulated with salicylic acid (astringent) and calamine (to soothe) amongst other things for a fast-acting solution to spots. I checked on their website and this product claims to be "safe and effective for all skin types."  

What it essentially does is dry up spots overnight, and what you do is apply the bottom layer, the pink sediment, directly onto the spot. So in terms of application, after your evening routine, toning, moisturising, whatever it may be, dip a cotton bud into the bottle so that it reaches the pink sediment, dab the product onto the pimple and let dry overnight. In the morning, simply wash/rinse off before you commence your morning skincare routine. 

I definitely see results with this, it helps to dry, reduce redness, and prevent a spot from developing overnight. There was a period last year where I ran out of this product, and didn't bother to buy a new one, during those few months I felt really anxious and agitated once I'd completed my evening skincare routine because I felt something was missing. Maybe it was just me being more self-conscious, but I felt like I was breaking out more often because this was absent in my skincare routine. 

The only thing I would mention is that I personally don't think this is suitable for dry and sensitive skin types. I would say my skin is quite tolerant to harsh ingredients, and the drying lotion is very drying. So if your skin is easily irritated, or already quite dry, I don't think this will help your cause.

Overall Rating 4/5

Let me know what products you can't live without? And what other solutions for acne do you have? 

With love~



  1. Thanks for your review on these products! I haven't tried either, so it's interesting to learn about new products. :)

    Perhaps I should really try the Tweezerman! Heard so many raves about it before always too cheap to spend a little more on a tweezer. xx

    1. The first time I bought the Tweezerman I was SO hesitant, because it is steep for a pair of tweezers, and the mini size pair at that, (the full-sized slant is around £20!) but I REALLY needed a pair that did its job, and these genuinely are the best I've used to date. Hence why I keep purchasing the same ones when I lose mine xD

      Thank you for reading honey!

  2. Thanks for this - I'm a nail polish fiend and struggle to get it cheap in the UK but was worried about using this site - it's good to know someone in the UK has used it and not been disappointed! All I can find are bad reviews from people in AU and Europe.


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