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The lovely people at Firmoo were kind enough to send me a pair of frames of my choice for review and to share with you, my wonderful readers. I took this opportunity to show you all how I would style a pair of frames, and to remind you again how I genuinely wish I needed "real" (prescription) glasses xD Aside from all the medical/sight bestowing reasons, I just think they're an amazing accessory and compliment outfits fantastically.

Anyway, enough about my glasses envy...

A brief introduction: Firmoo, an online optical store, offers prescription or non-prescription glasses and sunglasses, at very competitive prices without compromising aesthetic value and quality!

I chose this pair: Number SD2299 in matte black. They are a rather large pair of frames, but I really enjoy the larger geeky look, and love that they come in a matte finish. I don't think I've seen a pair of matte black frames before and found this option so unique. They offer a plethora of frames to suit every taste, and each pair is available in different colours and/or finishes.

I placed my order on the 11th of March, and was told to expect to wait 2 weeks for the package to arrive, especially because they needed to ship the frames to the UK from the USA, but much to my surprise, they arrived within a week! With regard to delivery, and international delivery especially, they offer a very prompt and reliable service. The glasses were well packaged, came in a hardcase, with a separate softcase, a micro-fibre cloth, and a precision screwdriver with spare screws. I thought this was such a lovely touch and a nice way to follow up your order just in case you need to make adjustments to its fit.

Matte black frames: Firmoo; Denim vest, bowler hat, shoes: H&M; Shorts: New Look

What's more, Firmoo have a "First Pair Free" scheme for brand new customers! For more details follow this link~

AND they've kindly generated a discount code for you all to take advantage of! It offers $30 off their range of designer glasses which you can find here, and all you'll need to do is enter Vivianblogs2 once you reach the checkout!

A huge thank you to Firmoo!

Let me know if you do decide to opt for either the "First Pair Free" scheme, or my discount code!

With love~


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  1. First pair free? Are you kidding!! I'm getting! Thanks for this Viv :) Hehe, I'd heard of this co before I think, but you've reminded me!

    Free stuff...yay!

  2. I knew about this site yet I have a big problem at deciding what frames I should pick in general. Last summer I crazily searched for some more preppy but ended up with some normal frames -.-'
    Yours fit you very well ;)

    Have a nice day,

  3. You look darling in your new frames! I love it! <3 Nice choice in getting them a bit bigger and the matte touch is perfect ;) <3 <3 <3
    Instagram: hellokristen

  4. I'm loving the black matte frames, they look great! I love your jacket and necklace, awesome outfit :)

  5. Those frames look so cute, haha! I love the geek-ish look :) Thanks for sharing about Firmoo <3

  6. Love your hair and your style :D :D

    Aldo's Clutch GIVEAWAY is up on my blog right now:

  7. i think the first pair free is now expired? cause there's nothing here that says first pair free anymore.

    1. Apologies for the late reply! The link still directs me to the first pair free page, try this link:


  8. love your outfits, love your hair and I love your blog ^_^

    followed you:)

  9. So cute! Those glasses add such a cute and fun touch to the outfit. Well styled. Love it!

    xox Lara

  10. Vivii !! I nominated you for the "Liebster Award" ('w') congratulations! Check out my blog for details ^0^ oki?


  11. giiiiiirl :D OMG so jealous of your blog cousin!!! :D

    lolz this is going to be cheesy but...FOLLOW ME BACK!!! :D haha

    Tofu x (in case... Amy Siu) xD

  12. ohmygosh i had no idea you had a blog! I've been folowing you instagram for a long time now!!! ahhaha hi! Stop by sometime!

    xx, Shirley

  13. loooove the outfit! You look so hot! long did you grow your hair out for? My goal is to grow it out that much before i get too old :P


  14. So cute and adorable the frame definitely goes so good with your outfit <3

  15. ah those glasses are so so cute! gonna have a peek on their website

    hope you'll visit back

  16. Ah your ombre is amazing! <3

  17. I you styled it just great! I love your look!


  18. Such a cool outfit!!
    I really love your glasses!

  19. awesome outfit !

  20. Lovely Glasses... those large black frames are so nerdy chic!

    By the way i'm teaming up with Firmoo for a giveaway

    When you get a chance, come check out my Sunnies Giveaway ^_^

  21. nice glasses. and i love your style

  22. Firmoo really have a great selection of glasses!

  23. Those glasses are awesome. I think I'll invest in some similar! :D
    Visit my blog if you can + I follow back on GFC/Bloglovin'

    Simone, XO


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