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Unfortunately, I suffer from a terrible case of "Panda-Eyes" which is a result of a combination of factors, namely: lack of sleep, and a bad diet. I'm constantly striving to improve both predicaments but I can never seem to keep up with either on a consistent basis. Hence why under-eye concealer is a must in my daily make up routine!

To try and tackle my dark eye circles I purchased Benefit's eyecon, which claims to fade and brighten dark circles, and have been using this product everyday day, morning and night, for around 2 months now.

Comes in a 14g pot, which is a dainty little thing, but more than enough considering the eye-circle area doesn't make up a large portion of the face.

Only a small dab is needed, and lightly pat into under eye area.

I don't notice any significant fading in dark circles, which is a huge shame considering I usually enjoy using Benefit products, and I've yet to come across a product that acts successfully on them. However, Benefit's Eyecon is really moisturising and soothing for my under-eyes, but I won't be buying again.

Overall Rating: 2/5 ✭✭☆☆☆

If you have any good under-eye creams for suggestion, please let me know in the comments!

With love~


Ps. After some Googling, I have a feeling Eyecon has been discontinued? I actually bought this a while back and have only recently started using it consistently. So apologies if you wanted to try this.


  1. ah oh no! shame that this didn't work. i also have panda eyes :'( we must keep on looking the right product XD


  2. Aw, it sucks that it didn't work that well D: But I guess if it's a discontinued product then it wasn't just you that thought it wasn't that great

    1. That's very true! Still, I feel like I have to finish using this pot before I move on >.<"

  3. Aw - too bad it didn't work out well! I feel like eye creams are a rough thing. If there was one really amazing do it all product, the world would know about it and no one would use anything else, lol. Until then we just have to test them all ourselves.

    xox Lara

    1. WAITING FOR THIS ONE AMAZING PRODUCT, hahaha, anything to get rid of panda eyessss.

  4. too bad it didn't work on ya =( i'm also searching for a great eye cream atm.. hesitating to buy the bobbi brown one.. but ghah bit expensive for such a small amount =(


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