Wish List #4

I’ve always been more inclined to purchase and wear statement jewellery compared to delicate, intricate pieces, (that’s not to say I don’t like those either), but as general day-today wear you’ll often find me with a big necklace around my neck, or a bold ring on my finger. I enjoy playing with one substantial piece as an element of my outfit which exists in its own right, and oftentimes as a piece your eyes will be immediately drawn to. 

I’ve recently come across Manguette, a store which opened in the early 80’s on Kensington Church Walk (hello all you Londoners!), and can currently be found on Gordon Place. The unique line carries statement pieces with strong tribal/ethnic vibes which I find really intriguing and currently very popular what with it being festival season, and for all you non-Londoners, Manguette’s e-commerce site (manguette.com) launched not too long ago for online perusing ;)

Crystals are very much on my radar atm, and instead of a single rock on a chain, the cluster of dark crystals in this necklace that seem to be infused with aqua colours, is beautiful.

With love~


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