Tokyo City View

 These dramatic shots of Tokyo were taken at Tokyo City View, an observation deck in Roppongi Hills offering sweeping views of the city. The weather the day we shot these was gloomy and rainy (hence the all black/dress to depress outfit) but the photos turned out quite well regardless! The beauty of this city just can't be overshadowed by rain and clouds... 

I've also teamed up with Richmond Finch to showcase their incredible phone cases. They have so many different innovative and seasonal designs on their website and their distinctive metal wrap around border exudes luxury and style. I can honestly say this is the most high quality phone case I have ever owned, not too mention the marble design is so chic. Check out their collection here and if something catches your fancy, no doubt it will, then be sure to punch in my discount code VIVIYUNN20 for 20% off your entire purchase.

Happy shopping!

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