Choosing the best earrings for your hair

Whether you are browsing through your favourite shop for a new outfit, or you are choosing your #ootd from your wardrobe, your accessories deserve as much attention as your ensemble - especially when it comes to finding the right pair of earrings for your look as they actually draw attention to your hair and face. So here's a handy guide to how to choose the perfect pair of earrings based on your hairstyle.

Hair Length

The length of your hair determines what kind of earrings will work best for your overall look. So while they may say that blondes have the most fun, those with short hair have the most fun with their earrings!

Earrings for Short Hair

Shorter hairstyles tend to reap the most benefits as they don't conceal the earrings, so you can wear pretty much every style and size of earring out there. Rubies, sapphires, and stud diamonds really shine, as do clusters of long strands that sweep along the neck. 

 Earrings for Long Hair

Long hair that flows down over your ears is going to conceal smaller studs and ball-shape earrings. If you like to wear your hair long, go for longer and larger earrings that will stand a better chance of peeking through your locks. Elongated shapes like rectangles and ovals will work well. You can see the selection of handmade jewellery in Melbourne from Simon West Jewellery for great ideas.

That being said, if you do have long hair, you can still have the best of both worlds. Pull your hair into an up-do and don a special pair of studs to showcase that bling!

Earrings and Hair Colour

In the same way the colour of your shoes or handbags complement particular hair colours, so do earring shapes and sizes. Metallic earrings that are made with platinum or gold and show off faceted diamonds tend to look amazing with every hair colour.

If your hair colour is blonde, pick colourful earrings instead of white metals which tend to look washed out. Reds and blues are especially radiant with your locks.
Brunettes, will get amazing contrast with pastels and whites, and the same goes for orange-toned gems that will bring out your warmer toned hair style. Redheads should try to avoid hot pink and red earrings as cooler shades like purple, turquoise, green, and blue, will really complement your hair!

Which Should You Choose?

The variety of earrings on the market seem infinite, it seems that the mix comprises of every possible shade of the colour spectrum and what’s more, styles from hoops, chandeliers, and studs – and often even feathers – can be found.So the next time you are struggling to choose the perfect pair of earrings to complement your look of the day, take a few minutes to assess your hair length, style, and colour and build your collection with earrings that complement it.

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