The Caribbean Travel Wish List

I've been so fortunate to have been able to travel to Japan, LA and Australia this year, all destinations that were on my travel bucket list and they absolutely did not disappoint! I would return to any of these cities in a flash! If you know me then you know that I'm somewhat of a homebody with a tendency to gravitate towards comfort and "what I know". So to discover and travel to places that I would revisit time and time again is for me, testament to how incredible a location it is and to how much prior research makes a difference to making the most of your time in that city. So in a bid to document this process I want to show you another destination on my bucket list, and a wish list of activities I would love to take part in should I have a chance to travel there in the future.

I'm a sucker for hot destinations (26 years of British weather I deserve a break right?) and the Caribbean just looks like the ultimate tropical paradise. With average temperatures of 27°C in January and 30°C during Summer, the Caribbean seems to boast ideal weather all year round. Climate aside, here is my travel wish list!

Where to stay

There are plenty of well known hotels scattered throughout the region but I find that having larger living quarters and more control over your own space makes for a more laid back, "you dictate your own schedule" manner of a holiday, the perfect headspace to enjoy the tropics. These Caribbean villas look like ultimate holiday goals for the freedom to truly enjoy island life at its best! Any one of these private villas on the island of Barbados would make for dreamy headquarters.

What to do

Chill on the beach - You won't be at a loss for beaches in the Caribbean and each one boasts blue seas and white sands, the perfect place to relax and top up on Vitamin D. For the more adventurous, hit the waves for a whole host of winter sports at your disposal. I'd love to try my hand at kitesurfing!

Swim with turtles - There are a plethora of cruises and tours to choose from that will take you out snorkelling to swim with turtles. This sounds and looks like a once in a lifetime opportunity that I wouldn't hesitate to say yes to!

Hiking - After visiting Yosemite and Olympic National Park this year, I've developed a soft spot for hiking and would love to do the same in the Caribbean. St Lucia's two volcanic mountains, The Pitons, is one that has caught my eye and offers spectacular views of the Caribbean at 2,619 feet above sea level.

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What to eat

Seafood and fresh fruit - Multiple islands and the ocean all around, seafood is no doubt fresh and in abundance in the region. The perfect climate also encourages the best tropical fruit, mangoes, papayas, coconuts to flourish - are you hungry yet?

Dasheene at Ladera - For the finest Caribbean cuisine, this classy restaurant offers a first class dining experience set against a beautiful backdrop of The Pitons!

Let me know what's on your travel bucket list in the comments below!

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