London Calling #lovemyhood

Off duty today exploring the bustling streets of Covent Garden, where bare brick and colourful backdrops are the aesthetic to this shopping district. A must visit if you're ever in London! I used to spend every Sunday in the area, shopping, dining or visiting the theatre!

From luxury to high street, Covent Garden is curated to satisfy your every shopping need. But if you're looking for a personal touch to retail, swing by The Market Building and head to The Apple Market for artisanal stalls for handmade goods, antiques or collectables. Don't forget to drop by one of my favourite places, Ladurée, to indulge in fine french pastries and irresistible macarons!

You're also in for a treat if you're in London sat this time of year because now that Christmas is coming, prepare yourself for the most beautiful displays of festivity in one of the best spots in London!

You'd be hopelessly optimistic and underprepared if a hooded coat or jacket didn't appear as a staple in your wardrobe no matter the season, so it stands to reason that my vibrant turquoise raincoat serves as line of defence against temperamental British weather. Just make sure you work one in style with Bench's outerwear range!

Whilst I chose to make a statement in this oversized raincoat, Tim opted for a more muted lightweight jacket for a seamless transition into Fall. I've kept my outfit a classic white button down and denim pairing beneath the turquoise to reflect the eclecticism of the West End, where independent boutiques line side by side with luxury brands, and the ubiquitous English pub precedes classy cocktail bars on a night out. We flit from store to store thankfully without a rain cloud in sight, but you can't say we weren't prepared!

Get ready to take your outerwear to another level with Bench, I promise you'll 'love your hood'! 

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