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I’ve spoken at length about relocating and travelling in 2017 and at the risk of sounding like a broken record, I’m still adjusting to life in a new location. I’ve lived in 3 different countries in 2017, having moved from London to Japan and now to Hong Kong, I’m still finding my place and working out what it means to stay connected when I’m not where I call home. Tim and I first met through mutual friends in 2008 (which honestly feels like the days of yore), so it’s an understatement to say that technology has transformed all aspects of daily life including the dating scene! I honestly couldn’t imagine such a nomadic lifestyle without Tim by my side, stereotypical gender roles or not, he’s made sure I’m safe and sound as we flit from place to place. That being said it doesn’t mean I don’t know what it’s like to relocate alone! I spent a year living in Paris in 2010… and it was absolutely horrendous. My time there was so far removed from the romantic, dreamy experience that we’ve come to associate with the City of Love and I admit, this was entirely because I had no one with me and knew no one when I arrived. So if you’ve just relocated and you’re experiencing the same feels I did during my stint in Paris, girl I got’chu, Badoo is a social network of over 370 million people, in 190 countries speaking 47 languages, you can literally meet somewhere anywhere you go! So if you're looking for your next adventure one piece of advice that I couldn't stress enough is to stay safe! Luckily Badoo is not only the largest dating app in the world, it’s technologically incredibly savvy and has multiple security features built in to keep your worries at bay. Even if you don’t feel like responding, the 2 message limit means that he/she won't be able to spam you after 2 chances. It blows my mind that an app could be the start of a lifelong connection and I know some friends and family who met their other halves online. Though I’m not on the platform myself for obvious reasons, if you’re not helping your girlfriends with their dating profiles are you really friends though ;) 
With our transition into 2018, I know that our ‘new year new me’ mindset is often seen as an opportunity to step out of our comfort zone, and in my case, I appointed New Year’s as the ideal opportunity to relocate. I know it’s the same for many other people, whether it’s for career, personal preference, aspirations or family reasons, moving to a new place is SO thrilling but also comes with huge trade-offs in that it disrupts the familiar. It comes with disconnect on a social level, having to find new friends and places to hang out but even more daunting, the prospect of finding love in a brand new city/country! I’m unreservedly grateful that away from my Parisian nightmare I can now travel and explore new countries with my best friend and husband.

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