Creepin' in Red, White, and Black

Hooray, my creepers finally make an appearance! I'd been wanting a pair from Urban Outfitters for months and months, and finally purchased some off Ebay the other week! The height this pair gives me is nowhere near that of pairs from Urban Outfitters, which I'd actually found to be too chunky, and weighty for my feet. This pair only have a platform of around 1 inch, but I love them regardless because they're really lightweight, and I love the black suede.

My hair is madness, I swept it to one side because it resembled too much a lion's mane otherwise.  

I'm feeling an MJ vibe from this look...


My Zara bucket bag is literally Mary Poppins' bag, I can put so much stuff inside, it's like it has no bottom. Only downside, because it is made of real leather the bag itself is quite heavy, whenever I use it I'm quite conscious to carry as little as possible because additional items make the bag heavier, and harder to carry. Which kinda defeats the whole purpose of a big bag... But at least it's a good workout? So maybe the downside isn't actually a downside after all...

Black beaded cross top: Primark
Red skirt: Pull & Bear
White Blazer: River Island
Bucket bag: Zara
Tan belt: H&M
Bow tights: Accessorize
Thigh high socks: Primark
Black suede creepers: Ebay
With love~



  1. Lovely OOTD as always! I like the way you wore thigh high socks over your cute bow tights! I would try that out too, but I'm going for comfort over fashion this winter (forever looking like a hobo whenever I go out). I also find skater skirts appealing on everyone :)

    1. Thank you honey! The socks actually kept me surprisingly warm hehe, probably because there were 2 layers on my legs =) And of course, I had to put on an extra, "big hobo coat" layer as soon as I left the house ;D


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