Sunday, August 16, 2015

Recent Favourites

Some goodies from my birthday a couple of weeks ago include a watch from Michael Kors, a leather travelcard holder and new Dior lippie amongst other things! So blessed to receive so many lovely things from my family and friends and thankful for those who celebrated another year with me!

Thinking of starting a monthly favourites type segment on my blog, hopefully to be released at the end of each month rather than a random day like this one... Let me know below if you'd like to see/ read about what I've been digging each month! I attended the fourth wedding of the year yesterday and have opted for dramatic eye makeup for each one, solely because I'm loving these new lashes from Bornprettystore. I've collaborated with these guys before (see here and here) and I've never been let down by their false lashes because they are of great quality and great price - you get so much for your money with each box. These are hands down my favourite yet, they look really fluttery and romantic on and the tiny lash band means they are comfortable and perfect for all day wear. Thank you Bornprettystore for these lashes that have sustained me throughout wedding season and for this handy make up bag to carry all my things in when I'm crashing somewhere the night before.

Remember to use my discount code YUENH10 for 10% off your order!


Monday, August 3, 2015

To The Tee

T-shirt and shorts from H&M

These pleather shorts are one of my favourite items to style because of how comfortable and versatile they are. I can think of 10 completely different looks with these and that's when you know you're onto a winner! I'm going for a black button up and heeled sandals for my next combination! 

Now on a 2 day countdown till my birthday! I'm so blessed to have a pretty busy week ahead of fellowship/catching up/dinner with girlfriends both old and new. This week promises to be a week of laughter and much needed emotional therapy with work becoming increasingly manic by the day. Wishing you all a lovely week ahead~ 


Monday, July 27, 2015

First Quay

My Girl Quay sunglasses | jacket from F21 | jumper from Zara

I finally have my mitts on a pair of Quay sunglasses! My obsession heightened by seeing all my favourite West Coast Youtubers rocking their designs and looking super awesome. Of course I opted for the largest, brightest, metallic pair, they've gotta be the first thing you see when I'm strolling down the street. In other unsurprising news, British summer = rain and strong winds, hence the jacket and tights...