Sunday, March 1, 2015

Statement Shorts

Shorts and jacket from Zara · boots from Topshop
 This week was definitely 'one of those weeks'. Work is really picking up and it's getting all too frequent that I catch myself thinking/mildly fretting about work outside of the office. There's a real challenge with keeping work at work and to avoid letting it take over your life because you'll end up neglecting people and things much more important. How do you guys unwind? Your advice would be very welcome!

I've kept my outfit above focused on a pair of striped shorts by combining this loud pattern with muted and neutral pieces. Instant statement look! They remind me of pjs and in my books, that's not a bad thing.

With love~


Sunday, February 22, 2015


Sweater from Hong Kong · tshirt from Mango · riding pants from American Apparel
Being innately drawn to statement sweaters, this one which looks the result of a major print malfunction is no exception. And for the equivalent of £5, I could hardly go wrong. Does it not remind you of the Linzi slip ons seen in my previous post?

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Linzi Press Day

 Last Wednesday I had the absolute delight of previewing Linzi's incoming SS15 collection at their press day at the Conde Nast College of Fashion & Design in Soho. I stepped into an endless sea of shoes and I've never been so happy.

 Their range is absolutely enormous from psychedelic slip ons, to pastel jelly shoes and my favourite, platform sandals - there's no doubt I'm picking up a pair of these bad boys as soon as they hit the shops.  

The Debi c/o Linzi
I love gearing up for summer and it looks like Linzi have the same summer feeling! Their online Holiday Shop will have you up and ready for the beach in no time, all that's left is to be patient and wait for the snow and rain to pass... For all you London locals, be sure to swing by Linzi's Westfield branch if only to gawp at the sheer choice, and let me know which shoes took your fancy! Thank you to Hayley and the rest of the Linzi team for the kind invite and for the wonderful goody bag!

With love~