Memories of Paris

Outfit Details 

Khaki coat - H&M Paris, although I've also seen this coat in UK branches

Faux-fur scarf - H&M here
Knee high tights - Ebay
Ankle wedge boot - Paris


This outfit conjures up so many “far from fond” memories of Paris, (where I bought the boots and coat), an experience I’ve shifted to the back of mind purely because I spent every day trying to change myself, trying blend in, trying to make it so that I wouldn’t catch anyone’s eye, trying to stop people staring - (hence the camouflage feature of the khaki coat xD). I don't know what it was, but Parisians seemed to catch on to the fact that I wasn't actually from France. Their reaction? Stare until I ran away D: In order to stop sticking out like a sore thumb I became increasingly conscious of my appearance, subsequently compromising the way I would dress. My year spent abroad in Paris wasn't a pleasant one...

Not long ago, I heard something in a sermon that reminded me of me, the way we compose ourselves, the way we behave, act, speak, dress, all of the above and more. Everything that constitutes “who we are, is who we think other people think we are”. Yeah, it took the congregation a couple of minutes to really think that through too ;D The opinions of other people, the expectations of the world, they matter too much to us.  

I feel as though 2012 has taught me so much in terms of self esteem and confidence - I’ve learnt to consider the regard of others as, not quite as having “no importance”, but as having lesser influence upon the way in which I compose myself. I understand clothes, and “fashion” may very well be something far too trivial or superficial for most people, but I don’t hit high on the creativity scale, so the way in which I channel my personality and self-expression is precisely this, through the clothes that I wear. The very essence of your personal style is that is it entirely personal, it belongs to you and you alone.

2013 will see me dressing as I please, that doesn’t mean I want to be headstrong and stubborn, or rebellious in any way at all, but the way I’ll choose to compose myself will be in a way that makes me happy.

Lastly, the message I took away from the sermon was that our identity shouldn't be determined by other people. We are God’s children, His chosen people, our identity lies in Christ.

With love~


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