Falling in Love with Black (All Over Again)

So it 's been a very long while since I've donned an all-black outfit, the past 6/7 years has seen me attempt to transition black out of my wardrobe after realising my wardrobe was predominantly this colour. I've since acquired so many brighter, more colourful pieces, and had successfully removed most traces of neutrality, that my current infatuation with black really does prove a huge irony. OTL

Anyway, all the black here (excluding shoes), are very newly purchased and gifted pieces. The peplum top was from my cousin last Christmas (give her blog some love?), and both the black pants and leather jacket I purchased a few weeks ago.

Black pants: Asos; Leather jacket: Topshop; Black peplum and wedges: New Look; Necklace: Dorothy Perkins
 The trick with peplum is to find one that cinches in at the right place, the narrowest part of your torso - your waist. This will make your waist look a lot smaller, whilst giving you the perfect hourglass shape.

An all-black outfit definitely calls for statement jewellery, and I absolutely love my tapestry print box bag - the strap is the same colour as my hair haha.

What's your favourite colour to wear this season?

With love~



  1. EEK, that jacket ♥♥ I think I'm in love, haha.
    &I think I'm the opposite of you; I've been trying to incorporate more black into my wardrobe. Everything I own is so bright. D:

    1. I'm doing the exact same thing hun! I used to stay away from black, but I genuinely love its simplicity now~

  2. Black is my favorite of all times! Love the details in this look! http://vivalalilya.com/

  3. I really like this outfit! The tough look suits you ;) so bad ass. Haha.


    1. Thank you lovely! hahhah, I think I look so stupid trying to be "tough" haha, tried my best though ;D

  4. This is definitely one of my favorite <3

  5. I love this outfit, especially the peplum!


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