Chiffon Pleats

Hello my lovelies! Thought I'd kick off with a brief update, as mentioned in my previous post, I was offered a job last week! I had my interview on Friday, to which they made and finalised their decision (I presume that very day), in order to share the good news with me the following Monday. Today was my second day on the job and I am EXHAUSTED. My daily commute means I have to be up by 5:30am and I am already SICK of rush hour on the London Underground, BUT, and a very very big but, I'm very happy and consider myself one blessed girly. huhuu~~ 

Unfortunately, I have significantly less time to take ootd photos and blog, but I enjoy blogging so much that I'm conscious to make time to do so ^^

Onto my outfit, this is my favourite spring ensemble so far (although it feels a lot like winter as I try to survive sub zero temperatures in the UK T__T"). I'm a sucker for quite a few things, but pleats rank very highly on that list!

Chiffon Maxi: Forever 21; Jumper: Topshop; Tan belt: H&M
I love that the chiffon material of this maxi softens the cascading pleats to create a very flowy, fluid skirt, and practically, it's an incredibly comfortable and lightweight material. I love it, undoubtedly my favourite purchase this season.

What's your favourite ensemble this spring?

With love~



  1. Congrats on your job ^.^. lolz once I've graduated I need to find a job asap xD.

    plus it doesn't in any way feel like spring so I can't wear any of my fav clothes :'( no dresses or shorts :'( too coold

    Tofu x

    1. Thank youuuu!~~ Take your time with job hunting! a break after graduation will only do you good ^^

  2. Babe you're perfect ! Love everything <3 congratulations on the new job! So proud!! ^_____^ Try to get some rest soon <3333333

  3. I love this kind of maxi skirt. Sadly, I'm really short so I don't think it will suit me TT^TT
    Congrats on your job! ;)

    Have a nice day,

    1. DON'T SAY THAT! I'm only 5'1 hahha, I love how maxi dresses/skirts make it SEEM like I'm taller!~

    2. Really? Hm... where do I know about this lie then? xD
      You made me think about it again.

  4. CONGRATS ON YOUR JOB! So so so so so exciting!!! And that maxi skirt is the cutest.

    xox Lara

  5. love love love with your outfit !

    following you now, hope you follow back ;)

  6. loveeeeee this outfit <3333 your hat is super cute on ya and the chiffon dress is just L.O.V.E! haha

  7. gorgeous maxi skirt

  8. You look great on that maxi skirt! And i feel so sorry that you feel so exhausted goin to work or to ur new job.. Hope youll cope up and feel better dear...



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