How I Style the LBD

With a bad-ass mirror belt and shiny shoes of course ;D Can you believe I bought this black tutu dress for only £7!

Black dress: H&M; Mirror belt: eBay; Red clutch: Asos; Shoes: Dorothy Perkins

This week has been hectic, from trying to survive the snow, work, falling ill, and interviews, I've barely had the time to check my emails, let alone blog. But hooray for the weekend!

Let me know how you wear your favourite LBD~

With love~


(haha I typed "Bib" before I typed "Viv")


  1. HI "bib" (;
    this is so cute!
    i really enjoy the way you styled this outfit!
    thanks a lot for sharing!

    xo, shannon marie

  2. This is a cute outfit! I love how the mirror belt and the teal blazer really pulls the outfit together :)

  3. Love your styling, looks very chic and feminine!

  4. INTERVIEW?!?! wear this and you will definitely get it, you pretty stylish girlie, hehe ~~
    *gives you medicine to make you feel better*

  5. Too cute! I love how you styled the dress with a simple statement belt. And good choice of colour for the blazer ^^ xx

  6. 100% one of my favorite look or outfit of yours Vivi<3 super love how you played and matched everything! Lovely and Sexy <3



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