Bourjois Healthy Mix and Revlon Colourstay :: Beauty Review

Introducing my current foundation, after hearing and seeing some great reviews, I popped into my favourite drugstore Boots, (this shop takes all of my money, I swear), and bought the Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation. At the time, the Healthy Mix range was on offer in Boots so I managed to purchase this particular foundation for a few pounds cheaper than its original price.

I had initially purchased this in Nº53 Biege Clair, Light Beige, but I guess the artificial lighting in Boots didn't show its true colour when I tested it on my skin, and once I had applied it on the whole of my face at home, under natural light, it was of a visibly darker shade than my actual skin-tone. Consequently, I returned to Boots a couple of days later and even though the Healthy Mix range wasn't on offer anymore, I picked up the lightest colour in the range: Nº51 Vanille Clair, Light Vanilla.

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation

I really enjoy using this because its pump design makes dispensing product so easy and completely under your control, as little or as lot as you like! On application, the product is of reasonably thin consistency and blends really well without clinging to, or emphasising any dry patches. It's perfect for days when you just want a quick and easy foundation routine, whilst maintaining a medium coverage.

I don't notice my skin being any more "glowy" or "radiant" as it claims to do with its radiance-boosting fruit therapy, but its even coverage and ease of application wins it for me! Perfect for no makeup, makeup days, but I don't think I'll continue to purchase this because on my lazy makeup days I go in with just a concealer, and that for me would suffice.

Overall rating 4/5 ✭✭✭✭

Revlon Colorstay Foundation

This is what I use on days when I want a fuller, longer lasting coverage with a flawless finish! My absolute favourite foundation to date, so much so that I always have backups. I use this foundation in 150 Buff Chamois, and make sure to always set the foundation with a light powder, I recommend Mac's Blot Powder to mattify and avoid shine. I've been using this for around 2 years now and love the coverage that it gives me.

I wouldn't say that it's good for a whole 24 hours on my face, firstly because I would never leave foundation on for so long, and secondly, because I still touch up with powder during the day. The only con I have for this though is the open bottle design. I hate having to pour it out onto my hand or brush, and I feel as though a lot of product is wasted because I can never dispense the perfect amount. It's also quite unhygienic to have to expose the product as it does upon every application, and as you can see in the photo below, there's a lot of excess around the rim and in the lid itself. I much prefer the pump dispenser Bourjois have adopted. 

However, I will continue to purchase Revlon's Colorstay because it provides great, flawless coverage, without looking too heavy or "cake-y". 

Overall rating 4.5/5  ✭✭✭✭½


What's your favourite foundation?

With love~


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  1. I've always wanted to try these thanks for giving this review (: it was really helpful.

    xo, shannon marie

  2. I love reading reviews <3 teehee. Thanks for sharing your opinion of the products <3 I'm excited to try Bourjois when I go back to HK, since it's so expensive here in the US >_<

    1. Really! I haven't seen it around HK yet, but I really love their eyeshadows too~

  3. Awesome reviews! I've heard great things about both these foundations.
    I have to agree with you on the Revlon bottle though- I would definitely prefer to have an alternate way of dispensing the product haha.

    1. It's so frustrating tipping product onto my hand, I get it everywhere ahha.

  4. i've been in love with Revlon Nearly Naked foundation that just came out.. i love how you compared 2 foundations in 1 post! great job :)

    My Blog: Caught in a Daze.

    1. I'll definitely try the near naked one next time! thanks for reading~

  5. I have combination skin on the drier side. So which one would you suggest? I have never been able to purchase a perfect foundation for my skin. I always end up spending alot for the wrong one. Please help :)

    1. The Revlon foundation actually comes in 2 options! one for dry/combination skin, and another for oily skin!

  6. What do you think about the shades in the 2 foundations? 150 buff versus 51 light vanilla. for me 150 buff is almost a perfect match (a tiny bit too dark) and I was thinking to buy bourjois, but unsure of the shade.


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