Flower POW-er :: Outfit Post and Rome update

Hey guys! oh boy, have I missed you! Since we last spoke I've been to Rome and back, and they're experiencing a swelteringly hot summer over there. It was in no way a relaxing/chilled out holiday partly because it was freaking HOT, and partly because we put our feet to very good use and roamed around the city sight-seeing for hours and hours every day. Anyway, I had a wonderful time with two of my most favourite people in this world, and of course, I have outfits to show you!

Flower crown, graphic tee: Primark; Mini skort: Zara
So I brought a different flower crown, to the one I showed you in earlier posts to Rome with me, mainly because I felt cream coloured flowers being more neutral would be simpler to match with outfits. And in the spirit of not wanting to be too feminine that day, I paired it with my graphic cropped tee with the word POW in big letters on the front and my new Zara skort! I am obsessed with this particular skirt/short hybrid, the angular flaps at the front are soso flattering, and the overall look is really tailored and clean cut. My only (very slight) nag, is that even the smallest size is too large for me and fits very loosely at the hips. I have to employ some serious belting and attempt to hide it under fold at the top.

All in all, Rome is beautiful, and there's something I find so intriguing about the oldness (for lack of a better word) of the city. Eerie, mysterious churches and cathedrals can be found on every corner, and literally send shivers down the spine, but a good kind of shiver. Enough waffling from me, I'll leave you with a few photos...

hehe, these are my baby gurlssss, my two cousins, Kat (left) and Sam, click onto their name to check out their blogs! 

With love, always~



  1. Dayumm gurl, you're my favourite ;D <3

  2. You're so lucky to have gone to Rome! I've wanted to go to Italy for ages and I can't wait until I graduate uni so I can finally go. It's so gorgeous, and your "I love Roma" tops are so adorable haha ^^

    1. I definitely recommend it hun! it's a wonderful city!

  3. Guess what! I got the same skort haha we can do twin-ing together : P
    Also love the flower crown. And your hur colour is gorgeous. xx



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