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I'm one of of those girls who, however cautiously I approach the whole nail painting process, will absolutely without fail manage to smudge my nails pretty much instantly after I paint them. As much as I loved freshly painted nails I also hated having to sit like a zombie in my room for at least 3 hours to minimise post-nailpainting-accidental-damage, and even after the 3 hours I would STILL discover one heartbreaking chip to put all my patience to waste OTL (I sound so melodramatic but I'm being serious haha), and this is where my nail saviour comes in...

Seche Vite 'dry fast top coat' is everything it claims to be, it very rapidly penetrates and solidifies all layers of nail polish to secure your work in place, in honestly, just a matter of minutes. Love isn't emotion enough to describe how I feel about this. What's more, it leaves a wonderfully glossy finish and visibly improves durability. I've used this on top of 4 layers of nail varnish and within 10 minutes, just to be on the safe side, I'm free to use my hands as I wish.

At the moment I give this product 5/5, its a very recent purchase of mine and for now I find no faults. But I have heard and have seen that it becomes viscous and tacky after only a few uses and is in need of disposal before less than half a bottle is used up. This would be a very disappointing revelation but hey, nothing's perfect, this is my top coat of preference and truly does its job.

Overall Rating 5/5 ✭✭✭✭✭

Purchase this product from Beauty Bay here. Have you used Seche Vite before? Let me know your thoughts in the comments =)

With love~



  1. my favourite top coat :D

  2. mines so goopy and thick now and its not even near finish! it is a good fast drying top coat though but i hate how it goes to waste...

    Laura x

    1. ahhhh, almost everyone says the same, it's such a shame especially since its hardly a negligible price...


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