Remember November

1. Fireworks at Danson Park 2. Gingerbread latte from Costa 3. Treats at Kwun's 4. Kulu Kulu sushi and froyo at Snog 5. Payday lunch at GBK 6. Panda cookies brought back from China

Only the eighth day of the month and I've consumed most of my favourite foods already, we all know calories don't count as soon as we hit the festive season, right? I foresee myself making many similar excuses as I continue indulging in very good food until the end of Christmas (no regrets).

With love~



  1. So many photos of food!
    Making me hungry D:

    - N H Y C -

  2. sushiiiiiiiii *.* i need some right now


  3. Love all these snaps! The food looks so yummy :)


  4. Everyone needs a few choices they regret ;)


  5. Oh wow these photos are stunning! and all the food looks so good especially the fro yo<3

  6. love these photos especially the food ones, making me so hungry and couldn't agree more with you about festive excuse for over eating haha, that's why we always say 'exercise' for a New Year's resolution right? haha x

  7. Looks like you had fun b =]
    Calories don't matter as long as you're happy! PLUS, you don't even need to worry about unnecessary fat, I on the other hand.. UGH

    J Y U K I M I

  8. Love these photos. Especially that drink with the gingerbread man floating on top of the whipped cream. So cute! haha


  9. Yummm! I probably gain 5 lbs by the end of December without any regrets, lol. That's what New Years Resolutions are for!

    xo, Liz

  10. ah those christmas cups are so cute! i love all of the food photos, i want a burger so bad now!

    from helen at

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