Tokyo Disneyland

Last weekend we hopped on the JR Keiyo line from Tokyo station and within 20 minutes we had arrived to Disneyland Tokyo! To make the most of our time there, we collected Fastpass tickets for Space Mountain and Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters as soon as we could, and spent the time in between on other rides, eating Disney themed snacks (not featured is the huge turkey leg and teriyaki chicken leg), or watching the parade. I'd encourage you to also collect your Fastpass tickets as soon as possible, this option quickly became unavailable by noon because there were so many other people there! You simply find the Fastpass scanners for the ride of choice (each ride will have their own set of scanners), scan your entry ticket and the machine will spit out your Fastpass entry with your allocated time to return to the ride! You typically have to wait an hour or two before you can collect your next Fastpass ticket but it's definitely worthwhile for skipping most of the 100 minute queues for the most popular attractions.

Disney have of course made this park as magical as possible and I wouldn't hesitate to go again! What fascinated me most was that the most people arriving in groups of girls/families/couples arrived in matching outfits, and I'm talking, matching down to their very accessories and shoes. I LOVED their enthusiasm for Disneyland and I bet that made for some incredible matchy photos!

T-shirt from Zara | shorts from H&M | bomber from Argyle Centre Hong Kong | sunglasses from Aland

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