Soho strollin'

Living in Sheung Wan during our second stint in Hong Kong meant we were a staircase away (a pretty big one at that) from Soho. The whole area is on a steep gradient so make sure you're ready for the climb. Much like Soho in London, this district is full to the brim with multicultural restaurants, quirky bars (some with secret doors, see Mrs Pound for example) and chic coffee shops. If you love nightlife, you're sure to love this area! 

On a casual Saturday afternoon we decided to make for Vietnamese cuisine and stopped off at Bun Cha Vietnamese for some food of the moment. Their menu is simple and fuss free so if you panic in the face of choice like me, it really won't take long to place your order. I'd definitely recommend ordering the banh mi, a lightly toasted baguette stuffed full of tasty pork belly, my ideal comfort food. Soak this in their homemade ngoc cham and you have a welcome treat after having made the ascent!

Bun Cha Vietnamese
King Ho Building, Shop 1, G/F
Aberdeen Street
Sheung Wan
Hong Kong

I'm currently back in Tokyo and planning to go to the happiest place on earth this weekend, stay tuned!! 

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