Sakura in Tokyo

Tokyo is currently in full bloom and oh boy is it a sight to wonder! The amount of sakura trees concentrated in different parts of the city makes for a incredible view. It brings me so much joy to be able to marvel at God's creation like this - I'm seeing glorious pink all day every day! 

Chidorigafuchi - sakura spot

All of the photos above were taken at Chidorigafuchi in just one afternoon. It's a great area to view Sakura if you don't mind the crowds or having to stay standing to do so, (for hanami, I'd suggest heading to a park where you can set up camp and have a picnic under the sakura). I also made for Yasukuni Shrine, just a stone's throw away from the boating area, this Shinto style shrine founded in 1869 is dedicated to those killed in war.

How to get there 

Chidorigafuchi is around a 10 minute walk from Kudanshita metro station on the Hanzomon, Shinjuku or Tozai line; alternatively, you can reach Chidorigafuchi on foot in around 30-45 minutes from the Imperial Palace East Gardens. Arrive as early as possible if you're wanting to hire a boat along the moat, people flock to this area and a long queue will start form pretty quickly. 

I couldn't recommend Tokyo more during sakura season. This city doesn't stop taking my breath away. 

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