Bondi to Coogee Coast Walk

Let's throwback to Sydney! After some R&R at Bondi Beach we set off on a famous coastal walk offering phenomenal views, beaches, bays, cliffs and rock pools before reaching Coogee 6 km away. The Bondi to Coogee coastal walk should only take an hour or two at a very leisurely pace with time to stop and breathe in the coastal air and take lots of photos! We just so happened to time our walk alongside the sun setting and caught spectacular watercolour scenes of the sky as the sun went went down behind the clouds. The purples, pinks, blues and yellows painted in the sky made for absolutely unicorn sky goals, magic!

Sydney is hands down the most beautiful city I've visited thus far, its views by the coast are faultless and seem virtually untainted by human life... Not to mention the weather is ideal for someone that functions on sunshine (and coffee) like me - that being said, being from London it's not like I've been spoilt in the Vitamin C department! If you plan to visit Sydney in the future then a trip to Bondi beach is a must and once you're done topping up your tan you just have to follow the signs for a beautiful stroll down to Coogee, I promise you won't regret it, at the very least you'll have hundred of Instagram worthy photos! If you're not too keen to seeing Bondi and Coogee beaches by foot then take to the air for exhilarating Sydney helicopter flights which offer full panoramic views of Sydney's coastline! If you choose to fly, your highly trained helicopter pilot will no doubt have a wealth of experience flying over Sydney's coastline and will share in depth local knowledge having flown the route so many times, stay safe and enjoy your ride!

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