4 reasons to take a trip on the Trans-Siberian railway

InterRailing was a term thrown around a lot when I was at school but I'd never thought myself as adventurous enough to tour countries via rail. Despite this, I knew a few people who can testify that crossing borders by train offers some of the most incredible scenery and landscapes you wouldn't be able to see flying from airport to airport. I've been looking into old world travel to learn more about railway tours and was astounded by the sheer number of options there are available! One that's caught my eye is the Trans-Siberian Railway, dubbed one of the greatest railway journeys in the world this trip offers the incredible opportunity to scale nine different time zones all in ultimate luxury with private cabins and the assistance of cabin attendants.

The journey on the Trans-Siberian is all about taking things a little slower, taking in the sights, and meeting the locals. Here are some top reasons (that I more for myself) to bite the bullet and go on a Trans-Siberian trip.

Credit: Mark Douglas Flickr & guiddoo.com

Amazing scenery

The Trans-Siberian trip passes through a range of different, and sensational terrains. From the snow covered plains of Mongolia to the jagged peaks of China, to the colourful wooden houses that sit amongst the Siberian trees, a complete dream if you love taking photos. One of the best parts is when the train passes through Mongolia to see dogs pulling sleighs across the snowy plains!

Enjoy old world travel

While the speed of train travel is certainly slower than air travel, the Trans-Siberian will have you feeling like you’re going “around the world in 80 days,” and that alone makes for an epic journey.

Not having to worry about time

One thing many people enjoy about holidays on the Trans-Siberian railway is the ability to lose track of time. If you tend to spend your days rushing between meetings, trying to meet deadlines and feeling like you're running out of time, sit back and relax on the Trans-Siberian and simply lose track of it. The trip spans nine different time zones allowing the perfect opportunity for you to direct your own schedule and take things at your own pace.

Learn about other cultures

The Trans-Siberian railway takes you through Russia, China and Mongolia, chances are you'll come face to face with a destination you've never travelled to before.

What do you think? I'm about ready for the most luxurious train ride of all time!

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