DIY :: Studded Shoulders and Outfit Post

You may be sick and tired of seeing studs and spikes everywhere lately, but I actually own very few studded items and felt like revamping one of my baggiest, most relaxed fit jumpers, into a more intriguing, on trend piece. 

Maroon sweater: H&M

This winter, for me, is all about comfort, so at the time of purchase I decided to go for a size 12 because I wanted a super long, relaxed fit. This jumper actually goes past my bum xD 
The netted feature makes the fit extra slouchy, and because it refuses to sit evenly on both shoulders I often wear it off the shoulder.   

The camera has photographed this under a very heavy red/brown tone. In real life, the sweater looks much more maroon with more of a purple hue.

All in all, studding this piece took me only 20 minutes of my time, (and that's because I was being OCD about the measurements and spacing). 

Anyway, moving on to how I did this~~

To recreate, what you'll need is: 

1) Studs - I bought mine on Ebay
2) Ruler
3) Jumper of your choice 

These studs are really user-friendly, just insert the bottom half into the actual stud, and it'll click into place securely. What's great about these is that you can easily separate the 2 halves if needed. 

With one studded shoulder blade

Place your first few studs along the seam, so that you have a reliable guideline to work with. Space your studs however far apart, or however close you prefer. I did mine with a spacing of 2cm in between.  

Studding work for this particular jumper was really simple due to the "holey"/netted nature of the design, I wasn't required to make any cuts or holes. I chose to stud this particular one because of its versatility, I can easily remove the studs if I get tired of them, or simply stud elsewhere!

However, if your sweater is unlike mine, you will need to create holes using a knife or a pair of scissors. To avoid mistakes, mark out where you want the studs to be placed with a pencil/fabric pen, and make sure you do your stud-work with a piece of cardboard placed underneath the area you'll be piercing. Lastly, be careful!

I used a total of 15 studs for each shoulder blade.

 Final result! 

 Let me know what you think!
Sweater, Bowler Hat: H&M; Contrast Sleeve Jacket and Nude Clutch: New Look; Heeled Boots: Paris; Knee Highs: eBay

With love~


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  1. Great idea! I'm actually also really into studded clothes and shoes.
    Love, Sally

    1. Thank you! My other studded item are shoes, I love them so much~ ^^


  2. Can you stud my sweaters for me? Haha! I've only ever studded collars and shorts before. I like your outfit, as always <3

  3. Oooo so cool! This looks like a fun project! I like that you look so comfortable in it too - perfect casual chic! <3 xx

    1. Thank you dearie! it was fun hehe, and I'm glad it didn't take too much time, otherwise I probably wouldn't have done it xD


  4. Cool sweater! I also buy stuff a couple of sizes too big to make them fit how I want them. Great DIY too.;)

  5. This is so creative baby! I love the outfit you out together aswell! You are such a fashionista baby! Loving your style! Love you! Xx

  6. That sweater is the perfect color! I love what you did to the shoulders, almost thought you bought it like that!

    1. Thank you! Ah, I could only find a sweater with studded shoulders in Topshop, and it was pretty overpriced. Gotta be thrifty ;)



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