Haul :: Leather and Denim

I only went into town for an hour... *cue guilty face*...

Fox Bracelet and Jade Bracelet : Dorothy Perkins : reduced from £6.50 to £1;
Topshop Ring, Freedom Range: reduced from £8.50 to £3.50

Sleeveless Denim Shirt : Zara : reduced from £25.99 to £9.99 
I love the slightly baggy fit paired with a distressed look, and as you can see, the arm holes are huge - perfect for layering!

Leather Jacket with Gold Studs : Topshop : reduced from £60 to £20

I had been searching for the perfect leather jacket since early last year to absolutely no avail. I wanted one that was cropped, but with long sleeves, reasonably fitted, but with a decent amount of "jacket" so that I'd be able wear it on colder days... haha, not demanding at all. Anyway, when I found this in Topshop in a size 6, it ticked ALL of my boxes, except, my perfect leather jacket I had fabricated in my mind had no embellishments T___T"

I don't dislike the gold studding, but ideally, I wanted a simple black leather open to personal customisation. After a brief personal debate, a leather jacket for £20, (reduced by £40), I figured I could just work with it ;D

(NB. Not real leather, but that doesn't bother me very much.)

*not in sale* Knitted Headband : H&M : £4.99 each
These headbands are super adorable, I love the knot detail at the front, and the sequins integrated into the knit, I'm a sucker for anything with sequins or sparkle. I purchased the greyish one a while back, and went back this time to buy it in maroon.

All in all, how could I say no? I generally won't purchase sale items unless they've been discounted by a good amount, say 40/50%. Everything above, excluding the knitted headbands, were on sale for less than half their original price =) Pretty successful hour I'd say~

Oh and Tim bought me these cupcake hand-warmers because my hands are always super cold, despite my wearing gloves everywhere, and because I really like cake.

What are your proudest bargain buys this year?

With love~



  1. Love those accessories and the jacket from Top Shop.

  2. I lovelovelove that jacket! 20 pounds is such a steal!


  3. If I could just send you my address, you can ship it to me!! Hahaha, Just kidding! I love the jacket and the oh-so-cute headbands!
    Do you want to follow each other? Let me know! Drop by my blog sometime!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. haha, I wish exactly the same thing, so often! sure, will check out your blog~~

  4. Replies
    1. My very first leather jacket, and I'm so pleased I bought it! thank you~ =)

  5. Ahhhh what a shame not real leather - then you can be absolutely sure you will have it for years and years! Gorgeous jacket though

    1. That's very true! Although for £20, can't ask for much ;)

  6. Love the denim sleeveless top! So glad to have found your blog :) staying in touch :)

    xoxo, Tiffany


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