Magnetized Nails

Today's nails, brought to you by 17's "Magnetized Nail Polish". My cousin bought me the grey one (which is my personal favourite) a while ago, and I have since purchased the other colours in their Magnetized range. (From Boots if you're wondering~)
2 coats for a pigmented appearance, and to create the wavy effect, all you have to do is hover the magnet, which is embedded in the black casing, over your nail whilst the polish is still wet. I love this polish for its interesting and unique look, and because it dries really quickly. I also brushed a light layer of glitter on top of the Magnetized polish, that's why it looks slightly speckly in the photo above.

What do you think?

With love~


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  1. This is pretty cool! I never got to try the magnetised nails sadly! I started with the crackle effect with Barry M... then so many other nail effects caught on, couldn't catch up haha!

    I like that this is so quick to do though. Hate spending too much time on my nails, so magnestised nails seem great! :P xx


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