I LOVE blazers, I have 7 floating around in my wardrobe, and am always on the hunt to add to my collection. What's more, teal is one of my favourite colours, so imagine my joy when I found this teal blazer on sale for £10! I love the way throwing a blazer on top of any outfit instantly gives a crisp edge to your look. Smart-casual made very easy.

Sheer mustard shirt: Forever21; Teal blazer: Primark; High shine pants: Asos; Cross necklace: Topshop; Shoes: Paris
I've wanted disco pants from American Apparel for so long, but couldn't justify spending £74 on a pair of pants, particularly because I very rarely wear trousers/pants as it is. So I went on Asos and bought a pair of these. They're definitely not as shiny or as metallic looking as those from AA, but I think I prefer the more muted shine for a day to day, wearable look. I bought my pair from the petite section, but they're available in Asos' normal range also.   

With love~



  1. Love the blazer, it ties everything together quite nicely.

  2. I really like the pants. It is pretty cute.

  3. Agreed! Love how blazers add a crisp touch. I can't remember how many I have, but am always adding more to my collection - ha! It's also just so easy... whenever you don't know what to wear, throw on a blazer!

    And I'm glad you went with the ASOS choice! I also think the AA Disco Pants are too shiny... my legs aren't very slim either, so they'll only enhance my big thighs and make them look worse! Matte is the way to go! xx


  4. Hi lovely!
    I was looking into the ASOS disco pants and apparently the sizes run bigger than usual.

    What size did you get and what size are you normally?

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