Lately... Beauty and Hair haul

My most sincere apologies for such a long delay since my last post, and for the lack of interaction, this week hasn't been any more busy than the last, but I've been feeling under the weather and super grouchy lately D; However, the sun's a-shining! and I wanted to show you all some of my favourite products atm.

Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette

Sorry for unsightly callouses ='( this is what happens when you play guitar... I'm not sure why I thought this palette would be larger than it actually is, but this size is really handy and I genuinely use all the colours.

Real Techniques brushes

How I managed for so long without these brushes in my life, I'll never know, but I'm never going back...

I get a lot of questions asking me how I manage, treat, care for my hair, and honestly, I don't do an awful lot, but because I dye it quite often I'm slowly getting into the habit of once a week, leaving in conditioner to treat my hair for 5/10 minutes longer than usual. The difference for me is so significant, my hair is noticeably less tangled and feels softer.

My all time favourite conditioner is the Herbal Essences' Dazzling Shine, it smells so lush, and out of their entire range, this one works best for me.

Something new to try out...

It's good to be blogging again! I have another fashion post in the works, so stay tuned!

With love~



  1. youve finally got the brushes <3

  2. Seeing everyone rave about the real technique brushes makes me want to try them out myself!

  3. Ooo Naked Palette! Can you do a review when you have time? I still haven't tried anything from the UD Naked Line... can you believe that? Haha!

    & The Real Techniques!!! I've been meaning to try those... have you tried Sigma, do you know how they compare? I have no idea where I'm gonna buy Real Techniques in Hong Kong though - sigh! #beautybloggerproblems


    1. Yes of course! I actually have NAKED 1 palette, and I use it every single day. I think I'll keep this one for mainly travel usage ^^

      And I haven't tried sigma! I almost bought a set of brushes last year when I had money xD but I'm loving these so much atm.

  4. i was hesitating to buy the palette.. but eventually didn't since it's quite similar to the other UD palettes lol

    1. I do agree! I have, and use NAKED 1 every single day, but I wanted to get this one for when I travel/on the go because the naked palettes are so large.

  5. I absolutely love the Herbal Essences shampoos/conditioners. They all smell so goood! My hair is really dry as well and I leave conditioner in my hair for about 5-10 minutes too and it works so well!
    Great buys btw!

    1. Thanks hun! I love Herbal Essences too ^^ just as good as the expensive stuff ;)


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