Leigh jeans from Topshop | bomber jacket from Missguided

I've been opting to keep outfits minimal lately which is in part down to gravitating towards comfort/ my 'will never fail me pieces' and partly because I'm in the process of transitioning my wardrobe to consist of a series of key, staple items that will stand the test of the ever-changing trend cycle. My first being a pair of black skinny jeans. I tend to buy my denim from Topshop as they have a range of different lengths and waist sizes available, goodbye any need for alteration! I'm sure I don't need to ramble on about the versatility of these jeans... I've gone for the black Leigh pair which sit comfortably on my waist and streamlines any look I put together. Tune in again to follow my process of purging my wardrobe!

With love~



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