Where to eat in Tokyo - Nadaman at the Shangri La

Shangri-La Hotel Tokyo treated us to an afternoon of pure indulgence with traditional Japanese cuisine skilfully prepared by seasoned Japanese chefs at their first class restaurant, Nadaman. I absolutely loved the decor, the interior was not only chic and modern, but also influenced by Japanese culture and nature with gingko leaves scattered in the wind at the entrance and cherry blossom motif etched into their ceramic tiles.

If you visit Nadaman I'd strongly recommend going for kaiseki cuisine, a traditional multi-course meal using fresh, seasonal and locally sourced ingredients deliberately prepared in a way as to enhance their flavour. These dishes were truly a delight to see and to taste!

Service was faultless as can be expected (see previous post here) and though it started getting busy during our meal, the staff were just as attentive as when we were the only ones in the restaurant. We were presented with various lunch course options but if a multi-course meal isn't your thing, there are also plenty of a la carte options for those with a smaller appetite. I chose the 8 course lunch kaseiki and my husband opted for the beef steak and sushi course. Kaiseki cuisine is typically comprised of miso soup and side dishes of seasonal fish, sashimi and vegetables, rounding off with rice cooked in a clay pot. There's something so homely and comforting with traditional kaiseki yet the complex combination of flavours, ingredients and impeccable presentation that accompanies each dish showcases modern and innovative haute cuisine.

My favourite parts of this meal were the selection of fresh sashimi on a bed of ice, the scallops in particular were so sweet and succulent to taste. My husband's beef dish as main course was outstanding and hands down the most incredible piece of steak I've ever had! You've not had beef until you've tried wagyu and high quality wagyu makes for the most incredible buttery, marbled, melt in your mouth bite. 

The next time you're in Tokyo, book your place at Nadaman for the finest Japanese cuisine. Food like this is precisely why Tokyo is one of the most exciting dining destinations in the world. Let me know your favourite foodie destination in the comments below! 

A special thank you to the Shangri-La team for a beautiful lunch. 

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