Valentine's Ready ❤

Call me old fashioned but there's something so romantic about receiving flowers and chocolates for Valentine's Day. This Joliesse Bovi Box will not only bring you joy on the most loved up day of the year, being crafted with everlasting roses means this box of blooms will also last for years without needing watering or pruning. I've sent more flowers to the ladies in my life than I've received, so this is just as easily the perfect Galentine's gift for your girls! 
I adore Bovi Flowers and can't quite believe that these real roses will brighten up my space for years to come! Everything about Bovi Flowers screams luxury, from the beautiful arrangement of flowers to the ribbon atop the box. I can guarantee that whoever you gift this to will be swooning over these flowers. 

Light and love to you this Valentine's day, now it's time to tuck into these dreamy La Maison du Chocolat treats ;) 


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