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I don’t know about you but my man is pretty low maintenance. The idea of updating his look by going shopping fills him with the utmost dread, so much so that his wardrobe is full of multiples of the same type of sweater/ t-shirt/trousers, and should he be particularly keen on a certain piece of clothing, he’ll purchase it in every single colour-way available. This minimalistic way of life is yes, both admirable and economical, but makes it incredibly difficult for me when gifting season comes round! I mentioned last week that not only is it now the season for gifting, Tim is also a December baby, which of course warrants 2 separate gifts, one birthday and one for Christmas (I can almost hear all you December babies furiously nodding!).

With style and fashion at the heart of LIVE IN LOVE, naturally I love to style things ie. my home, and the people around me. Despite Tim’s lack of passion for fashion I’m fortunate to have The Idle Man at my fingertips as the ultimate men’s fashion destination to make it a hundred times easier to gift and style the men in our lives!

Tim’s every day look is a navy blue tshirt and navy blue shorts, no brand, no visible logo, no detail, he just loves to keep it navy, plain and simple. I don’t want to take him out of his comfort zone but I do want to provide him with some alternative tops depending on the occasion, so I thought a short sleeved black polo shirt upgraded with white piping keeps things classic, but elevated. Something with a collar always feels a bit more formal/smart making this a perfect men’s day to night piece. 

 Since we’re talking smart, the only other outfit Tim wears is his suit to work! I’ve always said the shoes make an outfit, so for him to have another footwear option can transform his office gear. Now in the corporate world, black shoes = smart, and tan = no-where near as smart, a light tan coloured shoe looks too casual and a brown too dark looks muddy (who knew colour-wheel politics were a thing). I personally prefer a shiny brown shoe over a black shoe with a suit, but don’t want to take away from formal dress that comes down to the right shade of brown. 

This pair from The Idle Man is perfect middle ground when talking brown office shoes, I even made sure Tim had a peek and it has his approval! Not only are a new pair of office shoes functional and practical, I know he’s going to get a lot of wear out of these for both the office and for a wedding we’re attending this weekend.

It wouldn’t be Tim if there weren’t something slouchy in his wardrobe and I know he’s been looking for some loungewear for a while. Long jogging bottoms/sweatpants tend to be too hot and stuffy for him so a pair of sweatshorts are literally a gift from heaven! Though I have a feeling we’ll be seeing these out of the home shortly…


I’ve added a few more gift ideas below, have a browse and let me know what you’re gifting the men in your life this year! 

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