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I’m getting in slightly early with the 2018 fitness resolutions, I know Christmas is literally a few days away and I won’t accept anything less than “all the trimmings” but there really is no time like the present when it comes to health and fitness. I’ve found that the more I think about and plan my fitness routine to the point of borderline obsession, the more likely I’m going to stick to it! As I get older (oh you know what’s coming next is going to be clich├ęd), anyway, as each year flies by, diet and fitness has become of paramount importance. Not least because the combination of a healthy diet and consistent fitness contributes to good health and immune system – I’ve spent several weeks under the weather this year and I know I could help combat being poorly with exercise! Above all else, it’s becoming increasingly harder to maintain my figure! Just 3 or 4 short years ago I’d pay no mind to pizza and ramen all day every day because my weight never did fluctuate, but the biggest revelation of this year is that I can no longer keep up that junk food life… 

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With all that being said, 2017 has also been the ultimate year of indulgence. I have put on more weight this year than I ever have done and I put this all down to relocating to Asia. Living in Tokyo for 8 months has left me at the mercy of so much delicious food. We barely had a kitchen so we ate out every single day and I’m in no way exaggerating when I say that we only ever had one bad meal in Japan… We then flew to Sydney, Seattle, LA, SF, London and back indulging on all of those trips before moving to Hong Kong in September. If you’ve ever visited Hong Kong you’ll know that convenience and fast food reigns king here and so continues our dining out streak…

PHEW, can you see why I need to up my fitness game for 2018? Sure I’ve done a few hikes here and there and ran my first 5km in Tokyo, but I want to resolve to be unfaltering in a fitness routine for the New Year.


Now I’m pretty sure you can relate when I say that new gear is an effective motivator! I need to put those days of running in converses and £3 leggings from Forever 21 behind me and invest in pieces made from fabrics that I’m meant to sweat in! I’m fortunate that my apartment block has a clubhouse which includes a gym and some fitness equipment but the gym is small! Space comes at a premium in Hong Kong so think 4 machines and a fitness ball in a tiny square shaped room…

What I most want to take advantage of however is our pool which is generously sized. I moved to Hong Kong with just a bikini so if this isn’t the perfect excuse to get some new swim gear I don’t know what is. The first brand that comes to mind is obviously Speedo swimwear. I wore this brand religiously at all of my swimming lessons through primary and secondary school as a brand that is undisputed when it comes to swimwear. Anyway, enough from me, what I really wanted to show you are the things I’ve put into my basket for a life of running, swimming and hiking next year! I’m a fitness amateur in every sense of the word amateur, so if there is anything crucial to ensuring I don’t injure myself, or simply cause you found some cute workout gear, please feel free to link in the comments below!  


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