Where to stay in Osaka, Japan

It’s no secret that I love Japan, to an almost proudly obsessive degree. The quality and diversity of food, the beautiful sites, shopping, impressive level of service leaves little else to be desired, I can barely stay away. I spent a few days in Osaka last week (stay tuned for a “what to do travel guide”) but as accommodation is a priority for travel I wanted to shed some light on the new Minpaku law so that you’re able to find somewhere safe and legal to live when in Japan. This new law came into effect this month to regulate private homes offered as lodging - essentially, people who want to let rooms/apartments/homes must apply for a license to be able to do this legally. Home rentals are a fantastic way to secure reasonably priced accommodation abroad however, lack of knowledge and good practice has unfortunately resulted in rooms and apartments being cancelled because travelers have booked with unlicensed vacation rentals.

The Solution? 

STAY JAPAN is currently the only service which offers legal vacation rentals in Japan. All properties listed under STAY JAPAN have been officially approved by the government and certified to meet safety standards, so you can be 100% sure you have a room booked when you touch down! I decided to stay with STAY JAPAN because it’s so hard to make sense of the mystery surrounding this law on other platforms, and for the impressive range of guesthouses and rooms the company have on offer.

The Apartment

I booked through STAY JAPAN for a Japanese style serviced apartment at the SJ Osaka Central building in Honmachi near Namba. One thing I can’t give enough credit for is that STAY JAPAN at SJ Osaka Central have a team of staff based in this building to offer hotel level service without taking away from the freedom and independence of staying in your own apartment. Talk about the best of both worlds! We chose a Japanese style room for the tatami experience and I can’t express how excited I was to stay here and how incredibly comfortable these futons were to sleep on! This room has me convinced that I want a futon style bed for my future house! If pulling out a futon isn’t your jam, there are plenty of other apartments with beds for your ease and comfort. All apartments, no matter the style, come fully equipped with a kitchen, a bathroom and a terrace, making it ideal for short – long term stays.

The Location

SJ Osaka Central is conveniently located at the centre of Osaka City within walking distance from Honmachi or Awaza station. Namba station is a short 2 stops away which makes reaching famous spots such as Dotonbori and Kuromon market very easy!

As always, please be safe when travelling and if you choose to stay in Japan please be well informed of the accommodation law. I know that there may still be some confusion around what’s legal and what’s not, so please do your research before booking a place to live. I strongly recommend staying with STAY JAPAN to avoid any nasty surprises when you land! They operate vacation homes all over Japan with the opportunity to tailor your stay so that you can make the most out of the city you visit. Whether you’re after a hot spring resort, a modern apartment in the city, or a traditional Japanese home, their choices are endless! Explore your experience with STAY JAPAN and happy travels!

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