VIVIYUNN X HK + vlog!!

I've put together a whistlestop tour of the last 2 weeks in Hong Kong in the video above. As you can see, we've been eating and drinking a whole lot... This is mostly a catch up vlog so you can get a feel for what Hong Kong has to offer. Many more episodes to come!

I'm currently in Japan and having to gesticulate profusely in lieu of my lack of Japanese language, so watch this space for content from Tokyo! If you have any recommendations for sight seeing/eating/shopping/cool places in Tokyo, please leave me a comment below.

Links for the restaurants and bars featured in the Hong Kong vlog:

Big Bang Don, Mong Kok:
Cong Sao Star Dessert, Causeway Bay:
Wooloomooloo (yeah I know), Wan Chai:
Tung Po, North Point:
Wahtiki Island Lounge, Central: 

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