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It's no secret that dining at InterContinental offers nothing less than indulgence and luxury, but did you also know that sustainability and investing in local vendors are at the heart of their dining experiences? Cafe Opera at the InterContinental Sydney entices you to a seafood feast sourced daily from the world famous Sydney Fish Market down by Blackwattle Bay, to celebrate and support incredible local produce and suppliers.

Impressively, there are obvious parallels drawn between SFM and Cafe Opera as local catches are presented as part of a lavish food market. With vibrant shellfish spilling past your peripheral and theatrical desserts flaunting the entire colour wheel, "Spoilt for Choice" is the headliner at Cafe Opera. We didn't need any liquid courage to dive straight in, but this still came in the form of a glass of chilled bubbly as a precursor to our meal.

My favourites were the crab, prepared very simply in its shell, sweet and succulent to taste, and the majestic lobster, grilled to perfection and slathered with tasty garlic butter - I think we must have eaten 3 whole lobsters between us. If you tire of the unending crab, lobster and fresh oysters then a selection of roasted meats sourced daily from the Southern Highlands and vegetables are also on offer.

Our grand finale was very grand and bountiful indeed. I almost shrieked when I caught sight of the "all you can eat" chocolate fountain and if you saw my IG stories, you'll know not a moment's thought was spared for plunging skewers of marshmallow and fruit into this shining beacon of melted chocolate. Can I also just say that any place with a chocolate fountain is a sure fire win.

The buffets I've been to in the past very much leave you to your own devices for a DIY experience, and although you absolutely have the freedom and independence to eat to your heart's content at Cafe Opera, the staff are so attentive and friendly, offering drinks and clearing your plates efficiently so that you're not left building walls between you and your company. I had a wonderful experience at Cafe Opera and left with my belly and heart very full - I mean c'mon, they had a chocolate fountain!

The seafood dinner buffet is open daily from 5:30 -10pm, see their website here for more!

Thank you so much to the InterContinental Sydney team for hosting us, and a special thank you to Cianne for arranging our visit!

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