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I unintentionally kept my US trip under wraps because the weeks preceding were SO hectic! I was flying to and from Hong Kong in mid-May, then met and showed my parents around Tokyo for a week before flying out to the States at the end of the month. If you missed all of that then the best way to keep updated is to follow my Instagram account @viviyunn_  !

The US was a whirlwind experience - hubs and I first touched down in Washington to hit up the Olympic National Park before driving down to Tacoma for a beautiful wedding. We then visited Seattle, Yosemite, San Luis Obispo, San Francisco and finally, Los Angeles, squeezing everything into 2 weeks including the drive from SF to LA!

I also had the fortune of working with SF Travel and CityPASS to explore San Francisco in 3 days. CityPASS offers free entry to the city's must see attractions for one pre-paid flat rate designed to save you both money and time. Perfect for enthusiastic travellers committed to making the most out of a destination. With CityPASS we were able to traverse all 49 square miles of SF via unlimited cable car and MUNI rides with our first stop being Aquarium of the Bay at the famous Pier 39!

Just along the road from the Aquarium is the Exploratorium, a 'public learning laboratory exploring the world through science, art and human perception'. We were completely overwhelmed by this museum, there was such a plethora of different stations and activities to involve yourself in that we spent close to 4 hours here without even making it to the final station, leaving only because the museum had to close for the day!

I'd made sure to keep you updated on my travels via IG stories and I wouldn't have been able to do so without the help of Tep Wireless. They made sure we stayed connected from city to city using their portable and fuss free device. Unlimited data guaranteed seamless connectivity from day to night and a pre-paid return meant we had nothing to worry about at the end of our trip. 

Tep Wireless serves over 100 different countries across the globe so you can always stay connected no matter where you travel!

SF Travel is an incredible travel resource, so if you're heading out to San Francisco soon make sure to check out their website for travel guides, trip ideas and so much more. Also, remember to make your trip much more accessible and economical with CityPASS to save yourself 42% on San Francisco's top attractions!  Coming soon is a San Francisco food guide, so stay tuned! 

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