Benefit BADgal BANG Mascara Review

Dear beauty junkies - I’m certain you’ve seen the explosion of space themed content surrounding Benefit Cosmetics’ newest product, promising an out of this world mascara boasting a formula of aero-particles (one of the lightest known materials) derived from space technology. I never knew I needed space technology in my beauty routine but I guess Benefit isn’t one to stick to the same old same old, talk about literally going above and beyond!
Benefit promises lashes that defy gravity, as well as dramatic volume, length and water resistance. To this I say, BADgal BANG is the most lightweight mascara I’ve ever used. I applied 2 coats on my bottom lashes and they looked beautifully defined and volumised without feeling like I had mascara on them at all. The formula is on the wet side so whilst a slip of the hand could end in a puddle of black, the matte, studded wand allows for good grip and I also find a wet formula much more malleable and leaves a clump free end result.

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That being said, I’m incredibly particular about the mascara I use and have been loyal to just 2 mascaras in the last 8 years of wearing makeup, solely because my lashes don’t have a hint of curl in them. I’m saying this devoid of exaggeration, my lashes stick out in a horizontal line. After pumping my top lashes with an eyelash curler, BADgal BANG did add length, volume and lovely definition, but without the waterproof element, they started to lose their curl and eventually dropped.

Whilst I wouldn’t apply this on my top lashes because it wasn’t able to hold a curl, I’m obsessed with what they do to my bottom lashes and would be the first to pay good money for lengthened and thicker bottom lashes that feel like air.


- Super lightweight
- Lengthens
- Volumises
- Defines lashes
- Generously coats lashes
- Great for bottom lashes


- Doesn't hold a curl well
- Wet formula – care needed when applying

I would repurchase because I use this daily on my bottom lashes and before this, I was already using 2 different types of mascara for top and bottom, but if you hear anything on the grapevine about a waterproof BADgal BANG mascara, I’d love to know because I’d sign up to that ASAP!


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