Melancholy at its Driest

Whether paradox or irony, there's something so complete and whole in the minimalism of Scandinavian fashion. Stutterheim have convinced me that a simple but iconic fit, and a neutral toned wardrobe satisfies all sartorial desires. All Stutterheim raincoats have undergone "severe testing in horrible conditions both at sea and in the city". Bring on rainy season is all I say.

Tim wears the Stockholm raincoat in light sand for a unisex, straight fit.

I'm wearing the Mosebacke raincoat for a flattering, A-line fit.

Stutterheim Raincoats are handmade in rubberized cotton, come unlined, with double welded seams, snap closures and cotton drawstrings. The finest craftsmanship is used to create their styles. 


Stutterheim Stockholm Raincoat
Stutterheim Mosebacke Raincoat

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