Lilac Dreamer

Lilac is such a beautiful colour, it brings just the right amount of feminine with just the right amount of youth. 

I had around 5 inches off my hair 2 weeks ago, and have been mourning its loss ever since. It currently looks very different to what above and below photos may show. How I miss my long locks! Although, the feeling of tangle free, healthier hair is one that makes me (sorta) glad I decided to sever the lion's mane.

Lilac cardi: Primark; Skirt: Hong Kong; Shoes: H&M
What's your preferred colour for this season?

With love~



  1. Loved the skirt!

  2. Lilac is a very feminine color indeed.
    I like shorter hair, since it has such a fresh vibe with it :)

    Have a wonderful day,

  3. Love lilac! Pastel colours like lilac are so in for Spring!
    Haha, I'm sure you still look lovely with your shorter hair! I also have really long hair that I wish to cut... it tangles way too much!!!

    Personally, I love electric blue this season. Don't know why! xx

  4. Very cute look! I love that you added the lilac since it makes a nice pop of color. My favorite color this season is definitely mint. I pretty much want to buy anything mint but lilac is definitely tempting me too. :D

  5. Lilac is very pretty! Favorite color this season would have to be coral, but with me its either coral or pink for every season haha!

  6. Your hair is beautiful.


  7. Gorgeous outfit! I love all your Instagram photos of your outfits!
    Now following on BL (:
    Fashion Ganache.

    Love you bb!

  9. cool outfit!

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